We invite you to place an advertisement in the  Dust Bowl Souvenir Booklet, which is available to participants and spectators.

Your ad will reach thousands of great basketball fans and supports the Dust Bowl tournament.

Rate Card

  • Full-Page Advertisement (8″ x 10″) – $200
  • Three-Quarter-Page Advertisement (6″ x 8″) – $175
  • Half-Page Advertisement (5″ x 8″) – $150
  • One-Quarter-Page Advertisement (4″ x 5″) – $125
  • One-Eighth-Page Advertisement (2″ x 4″) – $100

Ads are grayscale (b/w); 300dpi; filetypes eps, pdf.

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Pay by credit card. Please complete the Advertisers Form.

By Mail

Pay by check. Please print and complete the Advertisers Print Form.

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If you have your ad built, you can email it to us for publication. Please send to [email protected].

Please contact us if you have questions.