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Farewell from Byron Owen

Hello everyone, some of you may already know, I will be leaving my role as President and Tournament Director of the Dust Bowl, Inc. I have been involved in every Dust Bowl, since its inception in 1974 and have been active in many capacities. Since I was a teenager at the age of 13, the dream and vision to bring together people of all races, colors, religions, nationalities, and ages is what I seen. I volunteered in many roles, such as painting lines on the court, moving picnic tables and park benches and cleaning up trash. I became an entertaining PA announcer and coached teams of all ages (one of the winningest) coaches. I also was a committee member.

I organized a concession stand with my family. I would like to thank Betty Peyton, the late Johnnie Ford, Carolyn Robinson, Rachel Riley, J.T. Buck and LeAndrea Robinson. We were known for my late mother Margaret Owen World’s Famous Chess Pies.

I was elected President in 2014 at the age of 54. My first Dust Bowl as President and Tournament Director was in 2015. In my role as President, I worked to bring in Community Partners. I have developed a social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, a website and email.

I am leaving this role with some farewell amazing memories. Having had the opportunity to watch some of the best basketball players in the tri-state area, including five former Kentucky Mr. Basketball — Randy Embry, Jerry Thruston, Rex Chapman, Brandon Davenport, and Brandon Stockton. Other great players including — Kenny Higgs, Dartez Talbot, Gary Wayne Taylor, Joe Thruston, Rod Drake, Dwight Higgs, Arlando Johnson,, Avery Taylor, Marcus Robinson, David Hogg, Orlando Stewart, Scott Johnson, Lance Parr, Timmy Johnson, James McNary, Chuck Taylor, Anthony Leachman, James Douglas, Brian Douglas, Lawrence Chappell, Clarence James, Steve Barker, Rafe Young — but there are many more.

I want to thank my President Award recipients: Owensboro Health, Jerry Ray Davis, Kimberly-Clark, Independence Bank, Fraternal Order of Eagles #4168, Franks Plumbing, May Electric Co., Old National Bank, Owensboro Grain, Baird The Settle Group, H.L Neblett Community Center, Morgan & Morgan, Bob Glenn, Jeff Sanford, Red Pixel Studios, McFarland Funeral Home and Charles A. Castlen.

I want to thank my family, friends, classmates, supporters, advertisers, fans, players, coaches, officials, staff, vendors, volunteers, and committee/board members.



Byron W. Owen
Dust Bowl, Inc President